Polelink Information Technology Co., Ltd.(Polelink) is a newly established high technology company.Our headquarter is located in Shanghai,with  Beijing branch and Rep offices in Changchun, Guangzhou, etc.

With more than 10 years experiences in Chinese Automotive and Aero/defense Industries,the management team of Polelink has profound insights to business models and rich industry knowledge, and has bulit long-term successful relationship with key accounts.

China is now the biggest car market, and the domestic OEMs and suppliers are growing very fast under word-class competition.They need solution to improve their R&D efficiency, Manufacturing efficiency and Service efficiency.

We see the importance of Information Technology in automotive industry transformation and are driven by the huge demand of IT application in Chinese Automotive Industry to establish Polelink. So our goal is to provide world leading Information technology to our customers, to accelerate our customers' product development and upgrade, earning competitive advantages in global economy. 

R&D efficiency Improvement 

Polelink are focusing on automotive electronic control technology research, such as electronic control systems modeling and simulation, electronic control unit test systems, and R&D process improving.

Polelink is working with many partners to provide world leading R&D tools in China, such as Schaeffler Engineering (Rapid Control Prototyping Device-PROtroniC, Data Acquisition Device-4Measure), AMS(Test Data evaluation-jBEAM), ART(ECU Endurance Testing Device-ART1000), RistanCASE(DAC), Hitex/Razorcat(Software Testing-Tessy), PikeTec(Time Partition Testing Tool-TPT), and Polelink can support many embedded software development environments, ECU Modeling software and Models, HIL testing Devices.

Polelink provides advanced R&D tools, specific solutions and excellent engineering services, helping Chinese automotive customers to accelerate ECU product development.

Manufacturing Efficiency Improvement

As GRP's only partner in China, Polelink is pleased to work together with GRP to offer advanced MES to manufacturers in China to strengthen manufacturing excellence and ensure each manufacturer achieves their maximum profit potential.

Service Efficiency Improvement

Chinese auto industry is facing a new stage from simply selling products to bundled services. Meanwhile, the Chinese auto consumers focus gradually from simple to buy a car, use car transferred to the follow-up services to auto and ancillary services needs.Many OEMs already start introducing Telematics services to the Chinese market.

As CarMedialab's partner in China, Polelink will not only distribute their mature products in China, but also develop customized Telematics applications for Chinese OEMs, helping them to fulfill their service strategy.


Polelink's belief is 'Value Creation and Success Sharing', we believe we can work together with our partners to help the growth of our customers and achieve business success.